About Us

Our goal is to bring back smiles to millions of patients with hearing impairment through service excellence and to improve quality of life. We make every experience meaningful to anyone who feels they’re suffering from hearing loss by offering best suitable products or services through superior technology, style and excellent customer care.

Our mission

Our mission is to serve people by providing products and services for the hearing impaired community, allowing them to enjoy the quality of life’s experiences. We strive to provide “The Human Touch” to the hearing health care. Our users of hearing instruments have known us for last 5 years. Having an initiative for betterment of the deserving ones we have started this philanthropic effort as SFL Foundation.

Our Work

We aim to offer Better Hearing Everyday for Everyone. Many of them are deprived due to socio-economic condition, and we want to be part of their journey of life by offering true value hearing aids where they can enjoy quality of life like many others. We urge them to apply on our site and to get what they deserve for proper hearing.

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